Haiku is now happy in Colorado Springs.

Ian aka "Odin" on his way home. He already has learned not to jump at the girls.

Hi Marion, Our little guy Conan (Ice) is doing great, although at 37.6 #s at 13s week he won't be little for long. He is such a laid back guy we take him everywhere; the Grocery store, Costco, the Mall. When he gets his 16 week shots we will start taking him to the lake and parks to socialize him with other dogs, He will also begin his formal training with Mark 9 Search and Rescue.Currently he is learning Air Scenting and Trailing with us at home. He is so smart and willing to learn or do what I ask of him. I feel privileged to have such a top quality dog to work with, play with and have as a part of our family. Your dogs are truly the best and superior GSDs. On top of being a great working dog he has become an irreplaceable member of our family. He is loving and well mannered. and receptive to taking directions from even the youngest member of the family. Our GSD (Tonga) that we already had in our home is starting to submitt to Conan even thought she out weighs him. They play with each other for hours on end, which wears them out and gives us a good night sleep. :) Since Conan loves people so much and he is so even tempered I think I will begin to train him as a therapy dog as well. so he will have a dual career as SAR dog and Therapy dog. Thank you for such a wonderful GSD!

Marion, I just was thinking about emailing you. The weather is hot here in Camp Verde too. Huck spends the hottest part of the day snoozing on the tile floor. He has lots of "mothers" at work. Everyone sits with him, takes him out for breaks and walks. He is FABULOUS! I have never met a better dog. Everything seems to come so naturally to him. He weighs 35 lbs as of a week ago. His coat is silky and long. Not much of a mask, as yet. He is still going to work with me every day and meets with patients that have anxiety or are crabby. He turns everyone around. I'll get some new photos to you soon.

Isaac "Jethro" left today with his mom and dad.Ice "Conan" left today with his mom, he will grow up to become a search and rescue dog.

Huck and his mom left for their new homes today (10th May 2010).

Jona and Hunter left for their new homes today (7th May 2010).

Jim & I want to thank you for Mesha...she is the most beautiful little girl, inside & out. She's got a great temperament & disposition and everybody loves her. She loves to run...I ride my bike & she runs along beside me; she loves to chase & catch frisbees; she loves to chase sticks--the further I throw them, the better; she adores Jim--licks his cheek every chance she gets, she's just a barrel of fun. She's very smart & loves to tease us...she's quite a character. Mesha is truly a blessing and I have you thank...so, thank you very much!

Hey Marion, it's definitely going good. He is so much more than what I coulda asked for! Axel had his vet appt yesterday and it def was an experience for him. Overall she said he was a healthy pup; plays well, good heart, and a very big boy for 8 weeks. We still have to send her a stool sample for her to do those tests. He is fully at home and sleeping in the kennel at night better than I would have imagined, the only time he has a problem or wines is when he has to go and that's around twice thru the night. (minus the 'right before bed' and 'morning' times) He lets us know about 85-90% of the time when he has to go so getting there on house training. He is playing so well I cant get over it, putting on a very good show every time. He now knows his special training toy and believe it or not Axel already has Sitz pretty much down! And chews everything he can get to say the least haaaa. Regards, Chris

Janet and Norm with Fraeulein Schatzi

My First week at my new home has been great!!!! Here is my diary so far: Day #1 Went home and explored my new surroundings and beat Norm in a tug of war. Day #2 Discovered that I hate house work. The broom stick smells like ugly witches. Beat Janet at Tug of war. Day #3 Had my first cooking lesson. Made lasagna and discovered that I hate the smell of onions. Started chewing on the furniture. Day #4 Got new Chew toys and went to see Dr. TK Warfield (vet) he said I was cute and gave me lots of treats. Got a new crate instead of the travel kennel, so now I can watch TV. Day #5 Continues the exploration of the backyard and went swimming for the first time. Ok I fell in the hot tub but I did get out all by myself. Day #6 I took my first flying lesson...went over my old house. I was showing Marion and my litter mates how good I could fly..ok it was kind of crooked but see them all outside waving to me. Now I am known as Fraulwin Schatzi the flying dog. See attached photo with my "TOP DOG" scarf -- yup yup eat your heart out Foxi. Day #7 I ripped off the ears from my rabbit toy. My first trip to Petco. I got a hedge hog toy--no ears, a clicker, and I selected a pigs ear. OK Janet and Norm had to by the pigs ear after they realized I had carried it around the store and it was half eaten. I was told not to do that next time --we'll see. My first week has been great. Hope to meet you all in the future. Frln --Scahtzi The flying DOG

Hello, I forgot to tell you that Gabbi weighed 13lbs mon and she already has sit down pat! She fits so well into our family. She is such a confident dog! I have not seen her cower once. Even with all the kids running around crazy and Rocky barking, she just watches and takes it all in. We just love her so much. She only got up once last night to go potty and she did not cry at all when we put her in her crate. She is the perfect puppy! I will send pics soon. Holly

Hi Marion, We took Abby to the vet today and he said she is a beautiful healthy dog and that we are very lucky. She was so well behaved- she fell asleep during the examination! The doctor and his assisstant were getting a kick out of it and the whole room was laughing. At just 8 weeks, she's already bringing joy to everyone she meets. Abby loves to play with her toys, is very eager to please us, and follows us everywhere we go, never letting us out of her sight. She's already showing signs of being a very loyal and loving German Shepherd. Her intelligence is also beginning to shine- she's already housebroken, after just two days! And she always sits when commanded to do so. I knew German Shepherds were smart but I didn't realize they were this smart! It's so much fun (and rewarding) seeing her catch on so quickly. Her transition to our home also went well. I know it's because you let us visit her every weekend and she got used to our scent, thank you for giving us the opportunity to see her grow and develop during those first 8 weeks. You are such a caring and devoted breeder, and it's a comfort to know that you will always be there to answer our questions and help us grow with Abby in the years to come. Thank you for bringing this adorable dog into our lives. I would reccommend Kennel von Arizona to anyone looking for a wonderful companion and a dedicated breeder without hesitation. Thanks again! Matt, Amor, & Abby

Gordon is adjusting better than I'd hoped, it feels like he has been a part of our family the whole time. He is so intelligent and a very quick learner, he potty traing well, and he already follows me on a leash. He had a rocky time sleeping through the night but we expected that. We will send a picture soon as possible. Thank for everything. Gordon A.K.A. Dax (that's the name we decided on) check out at the vetinarian's office with a clean bill of health this morning. Thank you for the warning, we have been keeping a watchful eye on everything he does I am proud of the way my daughter has bonded with him thus far. I keep him on a consistent schedule and it seems to be working great so far, we are having a blast together, he is drawing our family even closer together. We will try to take a photo for easter we will send you a copy. Have a great night

Just wanted to let you know that Flick went to the vet and checked out just fine. He is adjusting well to his new home and has learned how to use the dog door to get out when he needs to. I think Flick is a wonderful and very intelligent German Shephard. Thank you, Mikeis