Quanto Quanto 1999-2011 RIP you did everything one expected from a German Shepherd and gave me some wonderful kids. Ingor von der Greifenklause

Quanto (Ingor von der Greifenklause) is the daddy of the A,B,C,D litter. I brought him from Germany as a 4 year old having achieved his BH, AD, SchH 1, SchH 2 and KKL1. Quanto lives now in Phoenix with a family who has two special needs children and has proven to be a huge asset to the family, especially the two girls age 2 and 4. He is now 9 years old. The 2 year old loves him to pieces and the 4 year old girl who has autism is no longer afraid of going outside because Quanto protects her. This just reinforces the amazing effect animals have with helping us humans.

About a year ago our almost 4 yr old little girl was diagnosed with autism. It was devestating to our family but having Quanto helped ease the blow. After hearing our story Marion was kind enough to introduce us to Quanto. When we saw him we thought for sure our little girls would be scared of his massive size but my 4 yr old walked right up to him and said "I want him" We knew from that moment Quanto would join our family. Both of our girls have serious sensory issues causing them to be fearful outside. Even a plane can send our children running inside screaming. When Quanto joined the family my girls were able to venture outside. My 4 yr old would look at me saying "Quanto will eat them". She meant any sounds she heard couldn't hurt her because Quanto would protect her. It was quite cute. I was so thankful to marion because for the first time my little girl was outside playing in her own backyard like a regular little kid. vacations have always been a struggle. My 4 yr old would take 3 days to acclimate to new surroundings. She wouldn't sleep, eat and she cried alot. Since having Quanto we have been on two vacations. The first one we took him to a cabin up north where he and my oldest hung outside playing. Both Quanto and my 4 yr old chose where they wanted to sleep. My daughter had no problems while in an unfamiliar setting. She knew Quanto would be there to protect her. Due to Quanto my daughter was able to attempt things she normally wouldnt do like walking in the creek, playing in the woods and just being a typical little girl. Always she would say Quanto will eat them. Quanto acted like a little puppy chasing butterflies, wading in the creek, running through the woods. It was hard to believe he was 9. During the night my oldest and her new companion settled down for the night. Eventually they had to be separated. Neither was getting any sleep they were jumping on the mattress Quanto barking and my little girl laughing. I was relieved to hear laughter because normally by this time she would be crying out of fear of being in a new place. We knew if we didn't separate the two none of us would get any sleep. Quanto slept in the kitchen between all the rooms which made our daughter quite happy. We had so much fun with Quanto and I know Quanto enjoyed the great outdoors. Our next trip was to the beach. Again Quanto and my oldest wanted to sleep together which we allowed. Quanto eventually left and slept between all the rooms again which seem to be fine with our daughter. She once again had no problems with being in a new place. It was so nice to see her happy and having fun. We all had a great vacation. Quanto has lived with our family for a little over a year and we all love him dearly. My 3 yr old has taken to him and calls him "my big boy". She is constantly hugging and petting him. She loves Quanto dearly. I can find the three of them outside playing on the swing set. Quanto lying underneath while the girls are playing. My 3 yr old now can throw a ball to Quanto and they will spend quite a bit of time doing that. My now 5 yr old loves to throw him the ball also. Over the summer our family decided to move which is very difficult for a child with autism. Our 5 yr old daughter really struggled with the change but with Quantos help was able to make the transition. We are now all settled into our new home and everybody is doing very well. Quanto turned 10 in August but is still quite healthy and active. He has a 1/2 acre to run around on and seems to be quite happy with his new living space. My oldest is almost 6 and my little one is 3 1/2 both girls are doing remarkably well. They receive therapy several times a week which has made a tremendous difference. Quanto has been an integral part to their progress. It wasn't too long ago my youngest would not interact with any therapists unless Quanto was in the room. When he was present she would light up and respond but as soon as he left she would put her head down and cry. It is amazing how an animal can have such a tremendous impact on two little girls. Needless to say the therapists used Quanto in the sessions to help my youngest open up and interact with them. Our family can't thank Marion enough for opening her heart and providing such an amazing companion for our little girls. Quanto has helped us cope and has made life just a little easier. You never want to hear those words your daughter has autism and the other one has sensory processing disorder but having such a wonderful trained dog made those words sting a little less. We are truly grateful and feel incredibly blessed. Thank you Marion for reaching out to our family when we needed it the most. You are a truly remarkable and loving person. May God Bless you and your family. Love the Toth family