Southern Arizona Schutzhund club

38582 S Rans Ln

Marana, AZ 85658



Upcoming events

Nov 16th, 17th, 2019 helper seminar and classification with Danny Grayson

Winter trial 2020 with Judge Heidi Theis on Feb 14th, 15th, 16th

Winter trial 2019, February 23rd, 24th with Judge Andrea Duggan. The trial will be held in Marana, Arizona. Helper Eric Santora, All titles will be offered. AD will be held on Sunday morning. Tracking on dirt.

Our trial with Andrea Duggan was a total success with a participation of 24 dogs. Except 2 all of them passed. Good food, great people and wonderful dogs.

We had a great trial under a superb Judge. 5 out of 6 got their BH, Laz with his American Bulldog got his IPO2, and unfortunately Kaspar missed his IPO3 in the last 30 seconds of the protection part.

Members of the club: Members Joan and Yaeger, Jim and Lincoln, Tonya and Reagan, Becky Smith, , Eric Santora, Tom Bryan, Callie and Tyler Streeter, Sherie Stephens, Marion Swetzer .Donna and Laz Popovski

We had a great trial. Bert and Haiden got their BH. Gail and Josie got their BH. Richard and Cato got their BH. Marion and Meli got their BH. Erin and Viola got their BH. Janelle achieved her IPO2. A very big Thank You goes to our helpers Erin Easter and Anthony Holcomb coming all the way from Arizona. Although some of the dogs failed in their achievements, it was a big learning experience and we all had fun. Thank you to my club members for organizing a well run trial.

We give our thanks to Bill who was a great judge on our trial. Thank you to the Highplains Schutzhund Club for all their help, especially Mark and Peter who were helpers. Also lots of thanks to Curtis who layed the tracks and was helper coming all the way from Nebraska. Thank you to Cheryl from Alaska who was our trial secretary. You all made it a great trial.

Richard and Bella got their BH. Gail and Razor got their BH. Marion and Danika got their Schutzhund 3, Marion and Gorius got their Schutzhund 2 and thanks to Kevin Nance from Alaska Gorius also got his AD. He still is not tired
We did it. With all our club members, Judge Ann Marie Chaffin and Helper Mark Chaffin we had a successful fun weekend with good news, and although lots of new experiences also some failures. Flash and Dave got their BH. Bravo and Marion got their BH. Razor our youngest participant has to mature a bit more and Bella is almost there. Gorius in his attempt to become a Schutzhund 1 dog got an 88 in tracking, a 65 in obedience and a 83 pronounced in protection. Danika repeating her Schutzhund 2 achieved a 75 in tracking, 82 in obedience and a 85 pronounced in protection. Thank you to everybody, the next trial will come soon.

We are a fun loving club with the goal to train our dogs to the best of our knowledge. We all are learning drawing on the experience of each other. We train Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Nothing is written in stone so check with us. Everybody is welcome to come and play. We have all the necessary equipment and thanks to Richard we have light available.

Richard and his dogs are working on their BHs.

Update on Richard. He now has several BH's and is getting Bella and Izzy ready for their IPO titles.

Daivd helps out with everything, he is the La Junta K-9 officer.

Marla always helps out showing dogs for conformation and breed surveys

Marion is the president, she has a SchH2, a SchH3, and several young ones getting ready for their Schutzhund titles.

Update on Marion. She has now 4 IPO3 dogs,1 HOT, 3 BHOT. Several more BHs and obedience titles.

Bert with Haiden. Bert is providing the club with all his expertise as an retired K9 officer, 30 years of dog training and devotion.

Training times: call me or send e-mail