Southern Arizona Schutzhund Club
Schutzhund trial Dec 3th, 2016

Judge: Robert Johantgen

It is understood that every dog at this event will at all times be in the care and control of the dog's handler. It is further understood that the undersigned agrees to be fully responsible of the actions of his/her dog(s) while at this event. I agree to hold the Southern Arizona Schutzhund Club., UScA as well as their members and officers and all property owners HARMLESS for loss or injury, which may have allegedly been caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing by any act of my dog(s) while on the show premises. I hereby assume all responsibility and liability for such claims. I further relinquish all claims and agree to hold Southern Arizona Schutzhund Club, UScA their members, officers, and all property owners HARMLESS for loss and injury, which may have allegedly been caused directly or indirectly to myself or my dogs(s) during participation in this event.
Signature of Owner: ________________________________ Date:_______________
Signature of Handler: ________________________________ Date:_______________
Please circle entry or entries:
IPO 1, IPO2, IPO3, $85
AWD 1, AWD 2, AWD 3 $85

BH $70
Upr 1-3, Apr 1-3, FPr 1-3
AD $70
FH $70

Dog's Registered Name: _____________________________________________

Titles: _________________________________ Registration #: _____________

Breed: ______________________________ Birthdate: _________ M/F ___

Tattoo/Chip#: ___________________________ Scorebook #: ______________

Sire:______________________________________ Registration:__________

Dam:_____________________________________ Registration:___________

Handler:_________________________________USA Member#____________

Address: __________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ___________________________________Phone: ____________

Owner:_________________________________USA Member#____________

Address: ________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ___________________________________Phone: ____________

Make Checks payable to: "Marion Swetzer"

All Entries to be postmarked on or before November 27th, 2016. Please submit the entry fee with your entry form. We do not reserve your space otherwise.

No Refunds on Entry Fee. Late Entry fee is $30

Contact Person: Marion Swetzer, (520) 400-9968

38582 S Rans Ln

Marana, AZ 85658